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Fraser Island Fishing

The fishing is some of the best in the world and available right on your doorstep at Eurong Beach Resort. Boasting Fraser's best beachfront address, the resort is the perfect choice for fishing families with it's secure surrounds and great range of amenities. It's also perfect for mates who want to cast a line from first light, yet still relax with a beer and a comfy bed at the end of the day.

Beach fishing is prime at Eurong Beach Resort, where surf gutters along the ocean beaches provide all-season angling. Fishermen are required to observe size and bag limits and are urged to take only what they need in order to protect the fish resource.

Whiting and bream are plentiful in these gutters in warmer months and swallowtail can be caught all year round. The highly anticipated tailor season starts in early May (right up until October), and you'll spot dozens of anglers out along the beach!

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