About K'gari (Fraser Island)

Life's a beach on the world's largest sand island.

White sandy beaches encircle the jewel-like freshwater lakes of McKenzie, Birrabeen, Wabby and Boomanjin which come in colours of sapphire blue, emerald green and oxide red, and the famous Seventy Five Mile Beach forms a highway that runs up the surf side of the island.

K'gari (Fraser Island) is strictly four-wheel driving territory and the beach doubles as a landing strip for planes making joy flights.

See mighty sand blows, cliffs of coloured sands, the wreck of the Maheno cruise ship rusting on the beach and the kaleidoscopic colours of nature as the sun rises above the horizon.

Ascent to the lookout of Indian Head to see dolphins, sharks and rays swimming in the waters below and fantastic 360 degree views of the island and the Pacific Ocean. You can even watch humpback whales passing by from May until October.

Swim in the Champagne Pools as the sea crashes over the rocks and float down the fast-flowing waters of Eli Creek, as it meets the beach.

Follow walking tracks off the coast to climb desert-like sand blows and find the hidden gem of Lake Wabby.

World Heritage-listed K'gari (Fraser Island) is a true Australian icon, with endless possibilities for fishing, four-wheel-driving and just relaxing in the sun.

For more information on K'gari (Fraser Island) visit fraserisland.net. Please be Dingo Safe in the Great Sandy National Park.

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