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Fishing enthusiasts from around the world come to Fraser Island to experience one of Australia's most rich and diverse fishing areas. The fishing is some of the best in the world and available on your doorstep at Eurong Beach Resort.  The resort boasts Fraser's best beachfront address and is the perfect base for families or for mates who want to fish, but want to relax with a beer and a comfie bed at the end of the day.

Beach fishing is popular at Eurong Beach Resort where surf gutters along the ocean beaches provide all-season angling.  Fishers are required to observe size and bag limits and are urged to take only what they need in order to protect the fish resource.

Whiting and bream are plentiful in these gutters in warmer months and swallowtail can be caught all year round. The tailor season in winter sees dozens of fishing camps along the beach.

Check out the videos opposite from our mates at Channel 7TWO's The Hook and The Cook, which were shot on Fraser Island. Fraser regulars may even spot our resident mechanic, Andrew, showing the boys his secret spots on the eastern beach. If you can track him down in the Beach Bar, you might encourage him to share his secrets of fishing success on the world's largest sand island. 

And if you're a fishing fanatic, check out our gallery of shots which have been supplied by photographer extraordinaire, Cody Doucette, and the team from Matador Network. You can also check out Cody's fishing adventures on Fraser Island.

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About Fraser Island

Life's a beach on the world's largest sand island.

White sandy beaches ring the jewel-like freshwater lakes of McKenzie, Birrabeen, Wabby and Boomanjin which come in colours of sapphire blue, emerald green and oxide red. more