Your Eurong Beach Resort off-roading adventure begins with a stunning journey across the Great Sandy Strait with Fraser Island Barges. Fraser…
DRIVE UP AND SAY G'DAY Eurong Beach Resort is located on gorgeous 75-Mile beach and is only accessible by 4WD. If…
TIDES Driving on Fraser Island's Seventy-Five Mile Beach is subject to tides and the general rule is to make sure you…
Life's a beach on the world's largest sand island. White sandy beaches ring the jewel-like freshwater lakes of McKenzie, Birrabeen, Wabby…


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Eurong Beach Resort named Best Budget Accommodation on the Fraser Coast.

January: Updated January schedule for Fraser Island Barges.

26 January: Australia Day on Fraser Island.

February: Updated February schedule for Fraser Island Barges.

14 February: Valentine's Day the Eurong Beach Way.

All year round: Tips for beach driving.

QLD PARKS AND WILDLIFE UPDATE: Click for more information on four-wheel-driving on Fraser, permits, road conditions and closures in the Great Sandy National Park!