Eurong Beach Resort - Fraser Island

29 May - 01 June 2015: 15th Annual Fraser Island Clean Up

The good folks at Four Wheel Drive Queensland have ear-marked the last weekend in May for their annual Fraser Island Clean up. This grand-scale clean ups was conceived by two mates sitting around a camp fire and embraced by the folks at Four Wheel Drive Queensland and their associated Queensland clubs.  

Anzac Day On Fraser Island

Ship ahoy!  Fraser Island's famous SS Maheno shipwreck will play a pivotal role in the ANZAC Day centenary commemorations in region... and you could be part of this historical event on the world's largest sand island.  Information updated: 04/03/15.

​15 April 2015: ​Fraser's Dingoes, Fauna and more with Ranger Jenna

SPECIAL GUEST PRESENTATION THIS EASTER: Fraser Island's resident dingo population have a rather notorious reputation - but is it really deserved? Ranger Jenna returns to Eurong these Easter holidays to talk about our most famous residents, our colourful history and present some weird and wonderful facts about our World Heritage-listed backyard. 

05 April 2015: For Kids Of All Ages: Fraser's Fabulous Flora and Fauna

SPECIAL GUEST PRESENTATION FOR THE KIDS THIS EASTER: Skulls, snake skins, turtle shells and more... no, it's not a Wiggles' song! Join Ranger Jenna on this kid-friendly session where we look at all the animals that creep, crawl and climb on the world's largest sand island. 

03 April 2015: Fraser Through A Ranger's Eyes

SPECIAL GUEST PRESENTATION THIS EASTER: Join Queensland Parks and Wildlife Ranger, Jenna Tapply, as she takes you on a journey into Fraser Island's unique flora and fauna, our colourful history and sort-after natural resources. 

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Life's a beach on the world's largest sand island.

White sandy beaches ring the jewel-like freshwater lakes of McKenzie, Birrabeen, Wabby and Boomanjin which come in colours of sapphire blue, emerald green and oxide red. more