Eurong Beach Resort - Fraser Island


Eurong Beachfront resort

Eurong Beachfront Resort

Right on the eastern beach with accommodation to suit all budgets, the resort is only accessible by four-wheel-drive. This is the hub for day tours, accommodated safaris and 4WD adventures... read more

Getting Here

Drive Up and Say G'day

If you are travelling to Eurong Beach Resort in your own vehicle you can enjoy our famous hospitality... we're just one hour's drive from Hook Point, Wanggoolba Creek and Kingfisher Bay Resort... read more

Fraser Island

Experience Fraser Island

The perfect beach-front base for four-wheel-driving adventures, fishing holidays and exploring Fraser Island. Close by are the rainforests around Pile Valley and Central Station and beautiful, fresh-water lakes with white sandy beaches... read more

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Holiday Packages & Activities

Summer Days on Fraser Island

Summer Days on Fraser Island

From $118 per night hotel / $258 per night apartment This... Read more

Early Bird Special Deal

Early Bird Special Deal

Book your holiday early and save, save, save.. They say t... Read more

Family Fun on Fraser

Family Fun on Fraser

We call it the call of the wild, but Fraser Island really ... Read more

Fraser Island Fishing

Fraser Island Fishing

Cricketer Matty Hayden lists Fraser Island in his Top 7 fi... Read more

Making News

About Fraser Island

Life's a beach on the world's largest sand island.

White sandy beaches ring the jewel-like freshwater lakes of McKenzie, Birrabeen, Wabby and Boomanjin which come in colours of sapphire blue, emerald green and oxide red. more